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nikeclubfrance Privacy Statement:
nikeclubfrance Privacy is this site promises to protect user privacy. Given the characteristics of the network, the site and you will inevitably have a direct or indirect interaction, it is hereby this site collection, use and protection policies for the user's personal information, please read carefully:
1, users of non-personal information
We will use your IP address to collect non-personal information, such as the nature of your browser, operating system type, to provide you with access ISP's domain, so as to optimize the pages on your computer screen. By collecting this information, we conducted traffic statistics to improve management and service sites.
2, personal data
2.1 When you make a user registration in nikeclubfrance, tickets, booking, enjoy ticket service, bidding negotiated transactions or participate in public forums and other activities, under your consent and confirmation, this site will be through registration forms, order forms, etc. ask you to provide some personal information. The personal information, including:
2.1.1 personally identifiable information: name, gender, identity card number, telephone number, mailing address, address, email address and so on.
2.1.2 Personal Background: age, occupation, education, income, marital and family status.
2.2 Please understand, without your prior consent and confirmation, this site will not be the information you provide to participate in certain activities of the website for the other commercial purposes (this site used to improve and enhance the quality of services excluded). Only by following the provisions of Article 6 should government and legal requirements to disclose permitted.
3, Information Security
3.1 Site information you provide will be strict management and protection, this site will use the appropriate technology to prevent your personal information is lost, stolen or tampered with. Professional and technical personnel commissioned on behalf of the class of computer data processing to meet the needs of the professional division of the times when Ben stood necessary 3.2. If this site will be served notice of computer processing to you, and you do not take the initiative to express opposition within the stipulated time, the website will be presumed that you have agreed notice. You still have the right thereafter only as specified in Article 4.1.4 below, the request to stop computer processing.
4, the user rights
4.1 You have the following rights for their own personal data:
4.1.1 inquiries and requests for access at any time;
4.1.2 request at any time to add or correct;
4.1.3 at any time request to delete;
4.1.4 request to stop computer processing and use.
4.2 For the above rights, this site provides you related services, you can send an email to: bestyeezy@gmail.com
5, limiting the use of the principles of this website only at one of the following conditions, the parties to the collection of personal information beyond the scope necessary to make use of:
5.1 has made your written consent;
5.2 To relieve you of imminent danger to life, health or property of;
5.3 In order to prevent significant harm to the rights of others;
5.4 To promote the public interest, and the sound of your major interests.
6, the Personal Data
Disclosure of personal data in accordance with legal procedures when government agencies require disclosure of personal information on this site, this site will provide personal data or for the purpose of public safety in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies. Any disclosure in this case, this website will.
7, nikeclubfrance provide you with personal space, blog, comment on other services. In these areas, released any information you will become public information. Therefore, we remind and ask you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in these areas.
8, in addition to the exemption provisions of Article 6 an exemption, this website also need not bear any responsibility for any of the following situations:
8.1 Any personal information because your user password to others or share with others registered account, the resulting leakage.
8.2 Any problems due to a computer in 2000, hacker attack, computer viruses or attacks, because of government regulation of personal data of force majeure caused temporary closure affected the normal operation of the network caused by leaks, lost, stolen or tampered with and so on.
8.3 Due to personal information with other sites linked to this site caused by the leakage and thus lead to any legal disputes and consequences.
Privacy statement right to modify and update this website belongnikeclubfrance.


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